spread your hands and open your heart

7 April 1990
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spread your hands
sandy. a 21-year-old english major in florida who likes j&a (kanjani8, kat-tun, tokio, kinki kids, endlicheri-endlicheri), writing, lgbt issues, k-pop (dalmatian, beast, b1a4, sunny hill, the wonder girls, sistar), j-drama, computers, kum quick brittana, roleplaying, super sentai, kamen rider, ultraman, hamsteak and abolishing the oxford comma.
and open your heart
i like rps and dumbass japanese idols and video games and kink and queerness and dave strider and tavros and writing and shit.
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"I love you", only 3 words, this cry of the heart
I'm keeping it in the bottom of my soul

-- yasuda shota
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, 13k porn scenes, amazon gay for x, avoiding creepy reaper ships, beware the flying fucktruck, causing boners, caw caw motherfuckers, crying into my boner, d/s is boner food, dave strider's perfection, dicking around in photoshop, dicks dicks dicks, dirk strider is gay-diddy-gay-gay-gay, editing my profile obsessively, eternal inbox(1), femshep is awesome, fucking tumblr, gaaaaaaaaaay, garrus for council, garrus/femshep crime fighting team, great boobs, hannah is not god, having boners, having lots of feelings, is that kazami's brain?, karkat topping eridan, ladies topping karkat, lesbian delinquent schoolgirls, muneshige loves you ginchiyo, no one cares katie, scary cannibal gackt, seducing krogan women, shut up writeordie, so many dicks, super-one's super-tassles, tegoanders in hipsterland, tegojin choking kame, the hamsteaks, we don't want boners, we want manpain, who's kaname jun?, yoko's personage, yokokame is forever, zhao yun being boring, ಠ_ಠ